Theme & Prayer – SitC 2019

Our theme for 2019, “Life to the Full’ is based upon John 10:9-10. Jesus is the gate through whom we enter and in whom we find our safety and in whom our lives are filled to abundance. This is our prayer for each of us, and this is our prayer for all those we will encounter on the streets of Leicester Square come Festival Day!

Spirit in the City – Prayer for 2019 (based on John 10: 9 – 10)


Why not commit to pray this prayer with all of us on Fridays?

Pray that the Lord may open our hearts to what He wants to do through the Festival this year. Pray for those who will be joining the Mission Team. Pray for all those we will meet come Festival day!

In Notre Dame de France, we live, pray, and work just
off Leicester Square, in the buzzling heart of London. 
How can our Church be a beacon of hope for the so
many visitors of the West End?  

In trying to answer this question, Spirit in the City 
was born, the Catholic Festival at the heart of London! 

Join in and you will experience the joy of the Gospel.  

Fr Pascal Boidin, Rector - Notre Dame de France