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A Catholic Celebration of Faith
in the heart of London!

The Spirit in the City festival aims to share the Good News of God’s love with everyone.   
Located in Leicester Square, the middle of the    entertainment district, the Festival welcomes people of all faith, ages and walks of life. The events feature live music, workshops, faith conversations, opportunities for prayer and reconciliation, and much more.

About us

Our vision is to gather people of all cultures through a joyful and dynamic Catholic celebration of faith in the heart of London.

Spirit in the City was started in 2006, as an initiative of the local churches of the West End, in response to a desire to share something of the Catholic faith with visitors and the West End community. 

Get involved

God has gifted all of us in so many different ways so why not share those gifts and talents in the service of others, in the way you can?

At Spirit in the City, we have something for everyone. From street evangelisation to logistics, food outreach to the poor to prayer, hospitality to activities for families, there is something for everyone so check out the range of activities we have. 

SitC 2019: ‘Life to the Full’

Our theme was based upon John 10: 9- 10, where Jesus is the gate through whom we enter, in whom we find our safety and in whom our lives are filled to abundance. This was our prayer for all those we would encounter on the streets of Leicester Square come Festival Day! To find out more, click on the link…

West End Mission

West End Mission is part of Notre Dame de France’s evangelising activities. Its purpose is to give witness to Christ and the Gospel based on the belief that only the Lord answers the deepest yearnings of the human heart.


Frequently asked questions

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Support us

There are many ways to contribute to Spirit in the City.
One of these is through its large team of joy-filled Spirit and enthusiastic Christians
of all cultures and nations, lay and religious, old and young who come together for these two days and
impact the West End of London with the joy of the Gospel we share.

To organise such an impactful event needs funding and we very much rely on people’s generous financial contributions to enable this evangelistic outreach become!

Donate for SitC 2020

Spirit in the City is part of the evangelising activities of Notre Dame de France through its West End Mission initiative.

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