Notre Dame de France 5 Leicester Place London WC2H 7BX
020 74402663

Meet the team

Catholic Festival of Faith

Hello! I’m Allegra and I am the Evangelisation Coordinator for
Notre Dame de France, Leicester Square and the main Event Leader 
for Spirit in the City. It is really exciting to have so many 
opportunities to share the joy of the Gospel in the West End of 
London, most particularly through the Spirit in the City 
initiatives, including the summer Festival.

This Festival has been running since 2006, and seen much
success thanks to the dedication, enthusiasm and joy brought
on by the teams of volunteers involved in its preparation
and delivery. One cannot encounter God and  remain unchanged
however small the encounter. 
The Festival, through its varied programme 
creates space for grace to happen –
space for God to speak and touch His children. 

I know so many people are blessed through 
this event  and I pray that many of you will 
consider being part of the team this year so 
that we can continue to provide the space for God to do what God 
alone can do.

Why not join the team this year? For more information,
drop me a line and I will be happy to fill you in!


Obviously, any Coordinator’s role would not be possible without the number of people who work behind the scene to help plan and develop the programme each year as well as those who are involved in various aspects in the actual festival.

For this, we have a Core Team, some members new some more experienced, who bring expertise in various areas and whose passion for Christ shines through their generosity and creativity as the programme takes shape.

With the Core Team, we also have a huge team of people who volunteer on the day and whose joy and inspiring faith have made an impression on the people who come away feeling refreshed, renewed and some… even on fire!

As the Lord can never be outdone in generosity, it is often remarked that those who received the biggest blessings are those who came to serve! So why not join the team for next summer and bless others with the gift of God in you!


To find out more about volunteering for Spirit in the City and the different tasks, visit the ‘Get involved‘ page of our website.