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Frequently Asked Questions

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What, why, where, how…

What is Spirit in the City?

A festival that gathers people of all cultures for a joyful and dynamic Catholic celebration of faith in the West End of London

What can I expect?

Joyful celebrations, welcoming atmosphere, quality music, space to think and pray, engaging speakers, uplifting entertainment…

Who is it for?

The events are suitable for all ages – we encourage you to browse through the programme and chose from the variety of events, venues and activities.

Do I need to book?

No prior booking is necessary. All events are free, except theatre plays or cinema tickets. All events are open to the general public and we would be delighted to welcome you.

Who can I contact for further information?

There are many ways you can contact us. The simplest would be by e-mail: or by sending us a message here. 
Alternatively, you can contact us on 020 74402663.

On social media:

Find us on Facebook: SpiritInTheCityFestival
Follow us on Twitter @SitC_Festival
Follow us on Instagram @SitC_Festival

What happens on the Saturday?

On Saturday Leicester Square will see a joyful and welcoming Christian celebration. All events are open to the general public. It is an uplifting festival with quality music on the stage and various other activities around the square, such as workshops, Q&A sessions, prayer space…

What have people said about Spirit in the City? 

“Thanks for inviting me to be part of the festival on Saturday and congratulations on what seemed to be a successful Spirit filled day! There were some amazing moments seeing passers by stopping and enjoying the music, the atmosphere, the conversations and every time I looked there always seemed to be at least one person or more at confession and prayer ministry”!

“Thank you for all the hard work in co-ordinating and making the Spirit in the City happen! It felt a very blessed day. We opted to be part of the feeding the homeless ministry, so we were making sandwiches in the parish centre and then went along Piccadilly distributing what we had. It was good that this was seen to be part of the day”.

“Thank you so much for a great Spirit in the City few days. I am sorry I was not able to commit to anything before hand but was delighted to be part of the team on Saturday. Well done to all of you”.

“It is an amazing event! There is a tremendous sense of joy and unity in coming together for this festival. It offers something for everyone.”